Kayenta Unified School District 


Kayenta Unified School District No. 27 is located in the Navajo Nation of Arizona. We are a people who take great pride in our heritage. It is our privilege and honor to be in the position to accompany our children on their journey to great heights and solid futures. As you learn about us, we know you’ll catch our enthusiasm and appreciate our awe-inspiring past, present, and future. We know that by working together, we accomplish great things!

KUSD Reopening Plans for 2020–2021

Our Mission statement is that It is the individual's responsibility to attain a successful life thinking planning learning working together. This is what we want for you. Through guidance, we will get there together.

Message from the Superintendent

November 23, 2020

Kayenta Unified School District No. 27 and the surrounding communities served by the district have gone through much turmoil in the last eight months. The expression used so much and not clichéd at this point is “We’re all in this together”. That statement is as true now as when the pandemic started. It is so important that we understand our positive contribution to mitigating this pandemic and the contribution to the learning of our students. We must also acknowledge the uniqueness of the learning and teaching environment, which may affect the depth and scope of learning for many of our students.

State Education Superintendent Cathy Hoffman has initiated a campaign to keep students safe from the virus and assist the schools to open safely based on lower community spread of COVID-19. The initiative is called “Healthy Kids, Open Schools”. Schools cannot open with the virus on the continuing upward trend in COVID-19 infections. The intent of the initiative is to create an awareness of the role students and families have to assist the school district by ensuring the behaviors outside of the school contribute to less infections rates among families. We’re all in this together is an opportunity to remind and reinforce the safe practices so we all contribute positively to decreasing the spread of the virus. This will allow schools to consider opening.

It is also important to understand and acknowledge that we all have suffered physically, mentally, socially, and economically due to the virus. We must accept diversity among our families, respect the viewpoint of our families, and understand the degree of trauma is diverse among our communities. KUSD had a recent survey that indicates 30% of 270 respondents want the schools to provide Onsite Learning Opportunity. This does not mean these families do not care, it means the love and care for their students and families is not the same as other’s personal perspectives. These families need support. These students need support. There are many students without the resources and support necessary to learn at the same rate and depth as those families with tremendous resources. We are in this together.

KUSD will continue to provide support. We have provided iPads or Chromebooks to every student. We have deployed three hundred sixty-seven (367) hotspots to those students that do not have access to data for distance learning. We have provided solar-powered chargers to those students that lack electricity. Teachers have adjusted the daily schedule to provide synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. We have established call centers in each of the schools to improve communication. We deliver food daily and it is available for pick up. School teams prepare instructional packets and the transportation department deliver these packets several times per week. Although the district provides all these supports there are still many that struggle in areas that are beyond the ability of the district to find solutions other than to provide Onsite Learning Opportunities.

On December 9, 2020, the KUSD Governing Board will consider extending distance learning for the third quarter. Onsite Learning Opportunity will not be available during the month of December, but will be considered by the governing board later. These decisions are much easier when the data indicates that our changes in behavior have resulted in less positive virus spread in our communities. We all have responsibilities and must trust the governing board and administrative team to make decisions that benefit and support all students and families.

“We’re all in this together” and “Healthy Kids, Open Schools” needs your support. Please teach your students good habits. Wear a mask, sanitize and wash hands, social distance as much as possible, avoid gatherings, and stay home. These good practices will only help mitigate the spread of the virus in our communities.

I would like to thank the KUSD employees for the work they do and for making an impact on the learning of our students. I would like to thank the students and families for the patience and understanding they have displayed over the last several months. We all have to be thankful and appreciative for what we have and what we contribute during these tough times.


Lemual B. Adson

Lemual B. Adson
KUSD 27 Superintendent