Business Services

Our Business Department manages all matters relating to budgeting, accounting, fiscal reporting, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, housing, facility rental, and the receiving warehouse. We take our fiscal responsibility to the community seriously; you can expect us to handle all financial matters with integrity and transparency.

Business Services Staff

Arlene Laughter - Business Office Supervisor

Florence Kaisem - Warehouse Work Site Leader

Gabriel Atene - Warehouse Assistant

Julie Holiday - Purchasing Specialist

Charmayne John - Payroll Specialist

Lori Etsitty - Accounts Payable Specialist

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Open Bids/RFPs

No bids available at this time

Please refer any questions regarding the RFP process to:
Julie Holiday, Purchasing Specialist

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Facility Usage

Per Governing Board Policy KF, 'Leasing (renting) School facilities and property may be leased to extended day resource programs and any person, group or organization for any lawful purpose in the interest of the community...'

Renters will be required to provide proof of insurance, please start this process by consulting with your own personal or business insurance agent. If unavailable, here is a current recommended vendor to obtain insurance: Gather Guard Insurance

Please contact our staff at 928-697-2006/2012/2009 for any questions.

Request form and schedule below:

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