Clubs & Activities

Developing well-rounded children involves exposing them to opportunities where they can learn more about themselves and their community. By participating and excelling in our clubs and activities, students broaden their worldview and develop their strengths. We offer both clubs of common interest and nationally recognized clubs.


All KMS clubs are approved by our student council and have one or more staff sponsors in attendance. Petitions for new clubs should include a willing staff sponsor and be directed to our student council. We currently offer:

  • Student Council

  • Multicultural Club

  • Library Club

  • Chess Club

Extracurricular Activities

There are also a variety of student activities throughout the year including dances, family nights, cultural nights, volunteer opportunities, and bazaars. 

Announcements for upcoming events are provided on our News page


We offer an activity bus to transport students home who participate in after-school activities. The bus runs Monday through Thursday during full school days. 

In order to ride the bus, students must participate in after-school activities with the permission of their parents and have a late bus pass signed by their coach or sponsor. Buses drop students off within walking distance of their homes, but due to route combinations not necessarily at their regular stop; parents are responsible to pick-up their child from the bus stop and see them home.

Clubs & Activities