Kayenta Unified School District 


Kayenta Unified School District No. 27 is located in the Navajo Nation of Arizona. We are a people who take great pride in our heritage. It is our privilege and honor to be in the position to accompany our children on their journey to great heights and solid futures. As you learn about us, we know you’ll catch our enthusiasm and appreciate our awe-inspiring past, present, and future. We know that by working together, we accomplish great things!

A Message from Our Superintendent

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we start the 2017-18 school year, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all students, parents, and staff and to thank you for your continued support of the Kayenta Unified School District #27. As your superintendent, I look forward to what the future holds for our students and community. An important part of that future requires all of us to commit to improvement. In order for that to happen, we must work together to meet the needs of every student.  

Defining and measuring improvement requires developing meaningful goals that can be monitored and measured to insure that we make progress as an organization. The goals that will serve to focus our efforts are:

  1. All students will demonstrate growth in language arts by a minimum of one year’s growth as measured by district/state assessments.
  2. All students will demonstrate growth in mathematics by a minimum of one year’s growth as measured by district/state assessments.
  3. The district attendance rate for students will be 95% for the 2017-18 school year.

In order for us to improve and increase results to meet the goals in academic achievement, we must teach the state standards and provide meaningful lessons that provide learning opportunities for all students in every classroom. The district has an approved language arts and mathematics curriculum that is aligned with the state standards. We have dedicated and qualified staff who work diligently to plan and implement lessons aligned to the standards, utilizing current research and best practices, in a way that best meets students’ learning needs. 

We need your support to meet the attendance goal. Attendance is extremely important if we are going to meet the learning goals. Our school year is made up of 180 instructional days and each one of those days is necessary for students to be successful this year, next year, and upon graduation. What I share with students when I talk to them about the importance of attendance is that every time they are absent from class, they lose that learning opportunity forever. The learning activity that was prepared by their teacher will never be able to be experienced by the absent student and the missed day has the potential to create gaps and/or holes in student learning. Our obligation as a district is to make sure we respect and honor student time each minute of every day school is in session. We will provide meaningful learning opportunities and make the most of the time we have with every student.

I look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead this school year and am confident that by working together, we can provide a learning experience that opens doors for our students to whatever they choose upon graduation.


Dr. Bryce Anderson

Dr Bryce Anderson