Kayenta Unified School District 


Kayenta Unified School District No. 27 is located in the Navajo Nation of Arizona. We are a people who take great pride in our heritage. It is our privilege and honor to be in the position to accompany our children on their journey to great heights and solid futures. As you learn about us, we know you’ll catch our enthusiasm and appreciate our awe-inspiring past, present, and future. We know that by working together, we accomplish great things!

A Message from Our Superintendent

Greetings, Kayenta Unified School District Parents,

Dr. Bryce AndersonOne of my obligations as superintendent is to review and recommend revisions of district policy to our governing board. I want to share a recent update and revision to our board policy, AC – Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity along with Regulation (AC-R) and Exhibit (AC-E), updated February 10, 2016.

As an organization, it is important that the Kayenta Unified School District create a culture free of discrimination and defined by mutual respect, common courtesy, and equal opportunity. I encourage you to take the time to review the policy and to contact our Human Resources Department with any questions.

I am grateful for your continued support as we work together to provide the best possible learning opportunities for our children.


Dr. Bryce Anderson

Dr. Bryce Anderson
Superintendent of Schools