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As a community, we learn together, we play together, we celebrate together. Turn here to find helpful information and district-wide announcements. We are also happy to share the accomplishments of our outstanding students and staff in their educational, athletic, artistic, and extracurricular endeavors.

In The Spotlight...

Kayenta Unified School District is making headlines! Be sure to check out this Facebook post about our superintendent, Dr. Bryce Anderson. You won’t want to miss this informative presentation about what our district is doing to strengthen teaching in public schools.

Monument Valley High School Graduation

Monument Valley High School graduation is on Saturday, May 20, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. Additional details will be available soon.

Facility Usage Request

Are you interested in using one of our facilities for an event? Please visit our facilities website to learn more.

Superintendent's Message

Please take a minute to read an important message from our superintendent.

Parents and Community,

Welcome to a new school year.  As your superintendent, I am excited about our future as the Kayenta Unified School District and the great things that lie ahead of us.

As we begin the 2016-2017 school year, I want to thank you for being a valuable part of the KUSD family and I appreciate your ongoing supportive involvement in our schools and greater community. Your continued partnership with our schools serve to further the quality of education our students receive and positively impact our community. The Kayenta Unified School District is committed to continuous improvement, with a commitment to maximizing each student’s potential.  

We at the Kayenta Unified School District are fortunate to have a dedicated and highly capable group of teachers and staff who are committed to creating a learning environment where mastery learning is the expectation for every student.  

Based upon educational research, the most significant factor that impacts student outcomes is that teachers commit to implementing a guaranteed and viable curriculum to insure no matter who teachers a given class, the curriculum will address certain essential content at a mastery level (Marzano, 2003).  

One of the most critical areas of the teacher’s focus is in maximizing each student’s potential by providing a guaranteed and viable curriculum taught on grade level.  

“Guaranteed” means that all students, regardless of teacher, will have access to the same content, knowledge, and skills across the grade level or subject area taught. While the instruction may not be identical or scripted, teachers consistently and reliably address the same learning goals and hold the same expectations for student learning. As a District, we are continuing to refine grade level expectations, create common assessments, and a focus on professional collaboration and coordination of learning.  

“Viable” means that the curriculum is realistic in scope and that careful decisions have been made to narrow the universe of knowledge into developmentally appropriate and challenging learning targets for students. Viable curriculum must be accessible to students along with reasonable for teachers to teach to mastery, not just “cover.”

“Teaching on grade level” means teaching for mastery and to advanced levels in a way that students are readily able to connect their knowledge to real life experiences and apply it to different contexts.

Please get actively involved with your child’s education and ask questions each evening about what they are learning in school. With your active involvement and a focus on teaching for grade level mastery, the 2016-2017 school year is sure to be an amazing experience for our students.