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January 12, 2022

  The school leadership met and had extensive dialogue about the current surge of the COVID 19 across Navajo lands and the nation. The district is experiencing an increasing in employee and student virus infections similar to the current surge across the nation. The COVID 19 data (dashboard) for today is posted on the school website and social media. Those that are infected with the virus are not in the school buildings. They currently are in isolation or quarantine.

Several sources of data guide the decision regarding the mode of the delivery of learning and teaching.  Each week the Navajo Nation, County Leadership, and regional medical leaders host several meetings focused on schools, education, the virus, and students. The district leadership does actively participating in the meetings. This information from the meetings is used to guide decision‐making.

As of today the district does not plan to stop in‐person learning. The district will continue to offer the option of distance learning for those that choose and have the capacity to support students at home.

Conditions are very fluid and subject to change each day by regional leaders. As ongoing meetings are held and data is presented the delivery of teaching may change. It is the intent of the school administration to communicate with students, families, and parents as early as possible. Please understand many things are beyond our control.

The district leadership understands the difficulty families endure when the school shuts down. District leadership also acknowledges students can be negatively impacted by changes in the school. The leadership and employees do have students in our schools. They too understand the difficulty if the schools close.

Please assist the school district, the community, and your relatives by following safety protocols. Do not send students to school if they are ill or have symptoms. Do not send your students to school if someone in the family is ill, in isolation, or in quarantine for any reason. Your help will keep our schools open. Many of the students enjoy the schools being open. Together we can all continue to provide education to our families.

Lemual Adson, Superintendent