Kayenta Unified School District #27: Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Operations Department

The Operations Department is dedicated to providing quality customer service to the students and staff, continually striving to meet the expectation of creating a conducive learning environment by addressing the needs of our buildings and grounds. Our skilled and dedicated professional employees challenge themselves to achieve this goal. We are committed to our students and staff to ensure our facilities are in compliance with the laws, regulations, and policies that govern building maintenance and construction. It is our firm belief that through this support of the educational programs in our district, we are providing the best possible experience for our students.

Our department includes:

  • Printshop
  • Natatorium
  • Transportation
  • Maintenance
    • Building and Grounds
    • Road Maintenance
    • Housing
  • Custodian
  • Security
  • Construction

If you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact our Operations staff below.

Operations Director
Raymond Jensen
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Foreman (Housing/Grounds/Maintenance)
Mario Dominquez
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Graphic Arts Specialist

Administrative Assistant
Carol Todecheene
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Transportation Supervisor
Stanley Clitso
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Purchasing and Inventory

Security Supervisor
Steve Poorman
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Shop Foreman
Patricia Yazzie
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Office Support Specialist