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We absolutely love our home and we know you will too! Our close-knit community is happy to share its cultural events with all who would like to take part. From district programs to community events, check out the info below, and see why we’re so happy.

Navajo Chapter Organizations

Navajo chapter organizations were established in 1920 as a form of local government. Chapter officials (four elected officers) listen to the problems of the community and devise plans to correct the problems. The Tribal Council recognizes more than 100 Navajo chapter organizations. Please read more.

Kayenta Township – Parks and Recreation

Located in the Kayenta Community Center is a state-of-the-art skateboard and BMX park. You have to see it to believe it. It is awesome! You will also enjoy the beautifully shaded gazebo, a fun playground, and soccer and baseball fields. Our families love to play, and we are happy to share the fun with you. Read more.

Places of Interest

Monument Valley - Visit the beauty of the Reservation, and see what made director John Ford keep coming back to film his westerns. Many films were made at Monument Valley. Among them are Stagecoach, Back to the Future III, and The Searchers. Come see the location of the first building in Kayenta! When John and Louisa Wetherill established a trading post in 1910, it was right here!

Betatakin Ruin - This cliff dwelling by the ancient Anasazi people is located about 30 miles west of Kayenta. It has truly beautiful views year-round, a visitor center, and a day-long hike to some of the best ruins on the Colorado Plateau. Please make reservations before taking the hike. Read more about it.

Lake Powell - Located 100 miles northwest of Kayenta. Turn north on highway 98, 42 miles west of Kayenta. This beautiful lake features amazing weather and 2,000 miles of shoreline with fishing, camping, boating, hiking, tours to Rainbow Bridge or the Glen Canyon Dam, and more. Please read more.

Four Corners Monument - The states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet at The Four Corners Monument. A bronze plate permanently marks the intersection, and visitors can stand in all four states at the same time. The area and monument are part of the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department and a visitor center is open year-round.

The Totem Pole – Made out of sandstone and standing about 300 feet tall, in spite of being a little more than a few meters wide, the Totem Pole is one of Monument Valley's natural attractions and is well worth seeing. You’ll recognize it and many other of the area’s landmarks, as they’ve been photographed extensively and featured in numerous movie and television settings.