Kayenta Unified School District #27: Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Our Schools in Kayenta USD
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There are three great schools in our district serving approximately 2,200 students from preschool through 12th grade. We do our best to keep our class sizes small so that our students can benefit from individual as well as small group instruction. We guide our students through the learning process as they become literate, critical-thinking citizens.

Kayenta Elementary School
Grades K-4th

Marsha Hubbell-Espinosa, Principal
Greg Lelvis, Dean of Students
Elizabeth Clitso, Administrative Assistant
Lena Young, Student Support
LaVerne June, Registrar

Phone: (928) 697-2429 / (928) 697-2422
Fax: (928) 697-2495

Kayenta Middle School
Grades 5th-8th

David Hawley, Principal
Greg Lelvis, Dean of Students
Anna Deal, Administrative Assistant
Cassandra Parrish, Student Support
Deonna Dayzie, Registrar

Phone: (928) 697-2303 / (928) 697-2312
Fax: (928) 697-2308

Monument Valley High School
Grades 9th-12th

Jack Gilmore, Jr., Principal (928) 697-2173
Vacant, Assistant Principal (928) 697-2177
Cheryl McKerry, Administrative Assistant (928) 697-2175
Rowena White, Administrative Assistant (928) 697-2228
Shannon Young, Registrar (928) 697-2188
Marita C. Platero, Attendance Clerk (928) 697-2180

Fax: (928) 697-2195

Parent/Teacher conferences are part of your child's academic success. Be sure to visit our news page for the conference dates and times.