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Registration & Immunizations: Welcome Future leaders!

We are happy to welcome new members to the Mustang family. From pint-sized preschoolers just beginning their journey in education to transfer students in the upper grades, we say “yá'át'ééh!”

Required Documentation

As part of the state public school system, KUSD schools strictly adhere to all state rules and regulations. To enroll your child at one of our schools, please gather the following documents, and then stop by our office to complete a registration packet:

  • Official birth certificate
  • Up-to-date immunization records
  • Proof of physical address [ex: NTUA bill]
  • Completed physical form [Required for all new students and students participating in extracurricular activities. We only accept forms completed by a general/pediatric/family medical doctor. We will not accept the form from chiropractic offices.]
  • Certificate of Indian Blood [if applicable]
  • Legal court guardianship documentation [if applicable]
  • Special power of attorney delegating powers of parent or legal guardian [if applicable]

We will supply a registration packet when you arrive at the office. The packet requires you to provide information including:

  • Address and phone number
  • Parents'/guardians' names
  • Emergency contact information
  • Student medical information
  • Arizona residency verification

registration contacts

Shonna Grandson
ABC Preschool Registration
(928) 697.2401

Rosenda Slivers
KES Registration: Grades K-4
(928) 697.2301

Lena Young
KES Registration: Grades K-4
(928) 697.2302

Deonna Dayzie
KMS Registration: Grades 5-8
(928) 697.2204

Cassandra Parrish
KMS Registration: Grades 5-8
(928) 697.2201

Shannon Young
MVHS Registration: Grades 9-12
(928) 697.2106

Ruth Dayzie
District Support
(928) 697.2023

Sharon Yazzie
District Support
(928) 697.2024